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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Awesome stuff

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Barangay Batangas Holes

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Monday, 24 September 2012

Hunting for Hawleys in Quiapo

Last Saturday, I went to Quiapo in search of Hawleys. A Hawley if you must know is a designed pants made by Wrangler which is the only pair of pants that brings me comfort. A Hawley has a detachable sleeve that in an instant will turn your pants into a pair of shorts and vice versa. The idea of the pants is to mix style and comfort and for a fat guy like me… that’s bliss.

A few months ago, I bought two pairs of Hawleys but the tailor altered my pants wrong. That’s why I wanted to return to that place to search for more Hawleys. I went to Trinoma and SM North to find for Hawleys and while they are easy to find, they are worth around 1700 to 1800 pesos.

Now a pair of pants usually is in that price range but when I bought my gear in Isetann Quiapo, it was just for a mere 650 pesos. Stores in Quiapo are clearance shops. While the quality of the product may be iffy, it is original.

When I returned to Isetann, the Hawleys have long been gone. However, there are still a bunch of other Wrangler and other garments in Isetann that could suit you. When I went to SM Carriedo (or SM Quiapo) which is just adjacent to Isetann, I saw a pair of non-detachable Hawleys worth 650 pesos. I hate that it’s partly what I wanted but it’s still cool nonetheless. I also got a bunch of pants that mixes style and relief.

But hey, I’ll just have to remind you that Quiapo isn’t for the germophobes and the sosis because you’ll be checking out places with water puddle, garbage, dust, and a lot of sweaty people. While Quiapo has cleaned up its act as the years went, crime won’t rest at a sight of a shiny and shimmering idiot unnecessarily parading his or her riches. There are also ways to go to Quiapo and one of the worst things people could do is by going with a vehicle. Besides the crime hazards, the streets are pretty narrow because of the vendors and the people. In the times we went to Quiapo we parked our car in Walter Mart Munoz and took a LRT to Carriedo. Another way is to park it somewhere in the U-Belt area or better yet, commute directly to Quiapo from your house.

Finally you need to know what exactly you’ll get in Quiapo. Garments are safe except for shoes. Sometimes your pants will have stains or punctures. They sell crappy toys. Actually, they sell bogus jerseys that scream fraud even from afar.

A clean comfort room is out of the question.

But as mentioned, you also go to Quiapo because of the great things it can also give you. Quiapo is a haven for amateur photographers and for wedding stuffs. There are a lot of authentic food trips also along the place where you can sink your teeth into. After buying discounted products, you can also get your devotion in Quiapo Church. Gone are the days where the vicinity of the place has pirated DVDs and porn but Quiapo can offer something that you could use.

Hell, maybe you can check out the place if you need to hunt for something.

Just like what I did with my Hawleys.

Game over.

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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Just retired

Cesar and Francia Salazar

After a little less than forty years of working, my parents are now officially unemployed. Their retirement ceremony was held on June 1 – in front of the people they have befriended, nurtured, and reprimanded. It just sucked that they had to retire on the lowest of terms – especially since the National Broadcasting… oops People’s Television Network wasn’t as grand as it was then.

My father worked as writer/producer on PTV/NBN’s news department while my mom worked as news director. Let’s just say that whenever people maltreat PTV, it sucks because I knew they worked hard to keep me and my sister awesome. Being in the broadcasting industry – particularly news is mind-numbing because it is always live. I remember as a kid checking out for my parents in the wee hours of Christmas and New Year’s Eve because while a lot of the citizens are preparing their feasts, my parents are just about to leave their office (although most of the time, their evening newscasts are taped).

The arrival of my sister’s kid has made my mom love retirement although my father will find a way to return to news writing. I envy his line of work because during the heyday of PTV/NBN Sports, he would always travel to different land to help cover the Olympics, the Asian Games, the SEA Games, or whenever a president travels to distant land and meet up with other Heads of State.

Writing and broadcasting runs in my family. They wanted me to become a news reporter. I did appear on-cam while I was in IBC-13 but I rather create stories than write news.

In some ways having a blog and helping out in writing sports stories in other websites help pay homage to the gift my parents gave me.

I started blogging when it was still cool. I am now helping out in other websites like NBA Philippines and Hoops Basketball but my goal this year is help boost my Sydrified site. Sure, Google Adsense has banned me a bunch of times but I think I can find a way to double my money. Blogging is a difficult way to work but it is also a great way to showcase my talent.

There’s a part of me who is willing to work the long hours just to write about sports but then I am coping with that craving with the help of blogging. For every comment, suggestion, and detraction my tens of fans give me, the more satisfied I am.

I think my parents want me to outdo them – the same way I want my kids to outshine me on whatever profession they want to pursue. I want to do more. I have to because this is what they have been asking me all my life. Just like my parents, I am willing to teach them the ways I was brought upon by my parents and hopefully they will be at least a fifty percent improvement of what I have become.

Or more.

Please be more.

I congratulate my parents for surviving the stress, the long hours, the stupid upper management, and the Christmas raffles they won throughout the years.

Now you can follow all the Korean dramas you are willing to invest time on.

Game on!

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

About the Author

This is a non-profit online site which aims to make my name mainstream. Initially a stress buster, I decided to make blogging my home turf to write the stuffs that I care about.

Hey, maybe you can give me benefactors that will stress my mind for an affordable price.

Sports and entertainment is the site’s main theme. Here are basically the sites I look at: Facebook, Twitter, Pinoy Exchange, NBA, PBA, Rotten Tomatoes, You Tube, Funny or Die, Tunay Na Lalake, TJR Wrestling, Lords of Pain, Wikipedia, WWE, Yahoo, Hoops Basketball, ESPN NBA Fantasy Basketball, Professional Heckler, Yahoo NBA Fantasy Basketball, and Interaktv. Here are basically the books and periodicals I read: Arnold Arre books, Beerkada, Pugad Baboy, RJ Ledesma books, FHM Philippines, Robert Greene books, and other Filipiniana writers. And finally here are the playlists I often check out: Pinoy rock, foreign alternative rock, or any song that makes me go giddy (note: I hate 80’s electronica).

Now you know where I get my infos and what interests me so if you’re trying to force feed some random crap on me, you better hope I enjoy it.

Three things you need to remember:

Number One: I write about basketball at!

Number Two: I’ll also write about basketball at the NBA Philippines website.

And Number Three: I’ll probably write for some other site in the near future.

So check out the site for more updates or the Sydirect site for more of my personal blogs!

Game over!

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

My mother is a subject

Congrats to my cousin Ralph Lumbres who just graduated from the University of the Philippines! He's the guy holding a camera where my mother is the subject.
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Monday, 16 April 2012

Adventures of the Human Caption 4

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